Rad am Ring 2019: Bike racing in the rain and fog through the "Green Hell"

While all of Germany set new heat records last week, the organizer of the 24-hour bike race "Rad am Ring" warned of a high risk of thunderstorms and rain the day before the race. Nevertheless, our 9 BMTS colleagues from Stuttgart and Blaichach as well as four other cycling enthusiasts took up the challenge of the "Green Hell" last weekend.

After the weatherproof camp had been built on Friday evening, the riders of the teams "BMTS and Friends I”, "BMTS and Friends II" and "BMTS and Friends III" with start numbers 4558, 4559 and 4560 began the next 24 hours full of effort and little on sleep Saturday afternoon. While the first two laps were completed in dry conditions, the "Eifel" unfortunately showed itself from its bad weather side at 3pm and the visibility was increasingly hampered by rain and dense fog. But our colleagues fought their way through the 26 km and 550 m altitude difference of the Nordschleife and achieved places in the starting field of a total of 635 4-man teams, of which all participants can be proud."BMTS and Friends I" reached place 100 with 25 laps driven, "BMTS and Friends II" rolled over the finish line just behind with 24 laps in place 140 and the team "BMTS and Friends III" finished after some technical defects with 12 laps in place 578.

We congratulate our colleagues on these sporting successes and are happy that everyone has returned healthy again.We invite our bicycling fans again for 2020 at the Nürburgring.