Training at BMTS Technology: From apprentice to team leader

An apprenticeship is the ideal entry into professional working life and the perfect combination of theory and practical application in the real world of work. The fact that this is not a one-way street at BMTS Technology, but can be a springboard for a great career, shows the professional career of Raphael Adam impressively. "BMTS has already shown me development opportunities during my apprenticeship and encouraged me throughout my apprenticeship. I successfully completed my final apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer in 2015 and immediately afterwards I had the opportunity to prove myself in practice as a skilled worker in the parts production", says Raphael Adam. The technology fan took his chance and today looks back proudly on his considerable career at BMTS. Seven years after starting his apprenticeship, the former apprentice has become a team leader, who currently manages around 30 employees in the part production.
Of course, the success story of Raphael Adam also makes BMTS Technology Austria very proud as a training company. For many years now, a lot of trainees have been trained in St. Michael in a practice-oriented and production-oriented manner. Three different technical training courses are currently offered in St. Michael:
mechatronics and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and process control technology. In all training courses, BMTS always makes sure that theory and practice are closely linked. During their practical training, apprentices go through various departments, learn modern working methods and can take advantage of various additional offers such as first aid seminars, staying abroad, language and remedial classes, forklift courses, and social skill trainings. Outstanding achievements and vocational school successes are always promoted and rewarded. 
There are currently 12 apprentices in training. In the best case, the training period ends with a takeover for all participants. Then, as in the case of Raphael Adam, all those who have completed their training have all doors open to develop their career in the desired direction.

More information about our training at St. Michael plant: