Experts from BMTS Technology will present a technical paper at the 2023 Vienna Motor Symposium

Leading automotive, commercial vehicles, and conventional and electric powertrains experts will attend the 2023 Vienna Motor Symposium.

BMTS Technology participates with a technical paper, 'Comparison of Efficient Boosting Technologies for Fuel Cell Applications', written in collaboration by Dr. Alexander Taylor, Pavan Naik, Simon Nibler, and Dr. Nisar Al-Hasan.

Dr. Taylor, Engineering Manager at BMTS Technology, will present a technical paper in the category of Innovative components. 

The Vienna Motor Symposium is an excellent opportunity to represent BMTS Technology and showcase our company to industry leaders, developing interest and excitement about our technology. 

More information about the technical program: Technical Programme | wms (wiener-motorensymposium.at)

Image source:  https://wiener-motorensymposium.at/en/