BMTS Technology and Swoboda presented a new drive system for the electrification of turbochargers

At this year's automotive show IAA MOBILITY in Munich, BMTS Technology together with automotive supplier Swoboda presented a turbocharger with an electric drive system, the so-called Cross Charger. In this type of electrified turbocharger, the electric motor is located in the compressor housing in front of the compressor wheel, instead of behind it as is usually the case. This special design has the advantage that the electric motor is exposed to less thermal stress. The particularly large air gap of the so-called media gap motor between the stator and rotor cools the magnet, which increases the permanent power of the motor. In addition, the actuator's special installation in the turbocharger makes it modular and easy to industrialize.

The Cross Charger drive unit was developed by Swoboda in cooperation with G+L innotec, and BMTS Technology, as a turbocharging systems specialist, has integrated it into its latest generation of electrified turbochargers. The range of applications is generally broad, and practical trials are currently underway. BMTS Technology and its development partner Swoboda see great potential for electrically assisted turbochargers, particularly with a view to the EU7 emissions standard.

In electrified turbochargers, e-motors are used to optimally support the turbocharging process and improve response. In addition, e-turbos enable further measures such as low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation, Millerzation or lean-burn processes, which increase the efficiency of conventional engines and reduce emissions. Moreover, the e-motor can also recover electrical energy from the exhaust gas energy ("turbo-electric" recuperation), which, additionally makes a positive contribution to environmental protection.


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Image source: Swoboda