BMTS Technology nominated for US funding to develop a heavy-duty application fuel cell e-turbo

BMTS Technology US Corporation has been nominated for funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop a heavy-duty application fuel cell e-turbo. This project is in collaboration with Mahle Powertrain, Mahle Filter Systems North America, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and industry advisors GM Global Propulsion Systems, Navistar, and Adaptive Energy.  

With these funds and together with collaborators, the goal is to develop fuel cell air management components to:

  • increase efficiency, durability, flexibility
  • reduce cost to achieve the targets for market-viable Heavy-Duty fuel cell applications according to ‘U.S. Department of Energy’s 2030 Heavy-Duty fuel cell air compression system targets’. 

BMTS Technology will utilize an innovative hydrodynamic water-lubricated 3D bearing system to enable a single-stage centrifugal compressor and variable turbine geometry with optimized material selection to prevent erosion in a fuel cell exhaust environment. 

The duration of this project is 30 months. Once the project goals are achieved, rapid commercialization is expected thanks to the strong industrial framework of the project team.

The automotive industry is rapidly shifting to technology enabled by electrification, such as e-turbo, and therefore, research in this field is crucial at the moment. As a global manufacturer of high technology automotive components for current and future powertrains, BMTS Technology has the experience, expertize, and therefore active role in this transformation.