BMTS launches three new BMW applications in the Aftermarket

BMTS Technology expands its aftermarket product portfolio by launching three new BMTS turbochargers for passenger car applications: BMW B37 1.5l TÜ0 (transversal and longitudinal) and BMW B58 3.0l TÜ0 (with/without OPF). The applications are the same that BMTS Technology has supplied as Original Equipment (OE parts). More details can be found in below overview.

To order, please visit our distributor list to find a distributor near you.

If you have any questions, please contact us: aftermarket(at)bmts-technology.com


Applications list:

BMTS Part NumberOEM   Engine ModelDispl. OE Part Number
40007574BMW B37C15A (transversal)1.5l11658511719, 11658513652, 685413, 8511719, 8513652
40007575BMW B37D15A (longitudinal)1.5l11658514267, 11658514266, 8514266, 8514267
40008457BMW B58B30A, B58B30M03.0l7643147, 9423787, 8637041, 7934605, 8742504
40008458BMW B58B30A, B58B30M0 (with OPF)3.0l8681166, 8698775, 9423788 


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