Bentley W12 engine: end of an icon – at BMTS Technology it lives on

The production of the prestigious W12 engine will cease in 2024, as Bentley recently announced. The engine recently powered outstanding vehicles such as the Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley Continental and Bentley Bentayga. At BMTS, the icon lives on as we offer the bi-turbo in the aftermarket as an original equipment manufacturer.

Bentley's legendary 6.0l W12 engine was launched in 2002 and consists of two combined VR6 powertrains. The engine has been continuously developed and in 2015 was fitted in the Bentley Bentayga with a BMTS bi-turbo resulting in an engine output of 485kW. The two turbochargers with core unit size BM79 each have an insulated twinscroll turbine housing and an air-gap insulated sheet metal manifold. Technical features also include an electric boost recirculation valve (eSUV) and a speed sensor. The boost pressure is regulated by a wastegate with vacuum actuator.

BMTS Part Nr.OEMEngine PlatformDisplacementOE-Part Nr.
40008485BentleyW12 PL73; bi-turbo right side6.0l07P145721D, 07P145721G, 07P145721H, 07P145721L, 07P145721Q 
40008486BentleyW12 PL73;
bi-turbo left side
6.0l07P145722D, 07P145722G, 07P145722H, 07P145722M, 07P145722R 
40008487BentleyW12 MSB;
bi-turbo right side
40008488BentleyW12 MSB;
bi-turbo left side


This outstanding, high performance turbocharger is part of the BMTS aftermarket portfolio. To order it, check our distributor list to find a dealer near you or contact us at aftermarket(at)bmts-technology.com.