BMTS Technology Stuttgart

Headquarters, development, prototyping

BMTS Technology's global headquarters are located in Stuttgart. This is where technical development, prototype production, sales and administration are based. The Stuttgart branch occupies a central location in the Löwentorbogen industrial estate, in the immediate vicinity of the River Neckar, Stuttgart Wilhelma zoo and Rosenstein Park. Around 215 people currently work in Stuttgart.


BMTS Technology Blaichach

Component production

BMTS Technology in Blaichach is located right at the centre of the beautiful panorama of the alpine foothills in the Allgäu region and is home to a 110-strong team that focuses on the production of such exhaust turbocharger components as variable turbine geometries (VTG) and rotor production using modern and high-precision manufacturing technologies.


BMTS Technology St. Michael

Exhaust turbocharger production

BMTS Technology Austria is based in Carinthia, Austria in a sunny location that nestles in a beautiful mountain and lake landscape on the southern side of the Alps. This branch has been operating since 2012 and is BMTS Technology's main European plant for series production. Around 540 people currently work in St. Michael.


BMTS Technology Shanghai

Headquarters China, production, simulation, design, customer services

BMTS Technology Co. Ltd. (China) headquarters are based in Shanghai. In this plant around 400 employees are responsible for production, quality assurance, sales, simulation, design, application and validation. In addition, BMTS Shanghai has its own research and development center and offers comprehensive services to ensure optimum customer support.


BMTS Technology Shandong

Casting for exhaust turbocharger components

BMTS Technologys´own foundry is located in Dongying, a city in the province of Shandong near the yellow sea.
With a strong customer focus the employees of BMTS Shandong are casting turbocharger components like turbine and bearing housings at this impressive plant.

BMTS Technology Hongqiao, Shanghai

Control, coordination, strategic planning

In Hongqiao, in the Central Business District of Shanghai, the BMTS headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region opened in 2019. The premises are located in the "Hongqiao Transport Hub", one of the largest transport centers in the world, and offer space for around 60 people. The Hongqiao headquarters is responsible for the management and coordination of the current business, as well as the planning for the development of new markets, throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

BMTS Technology US

Strategic sales and customer support

BMTS Technology US headquarters are based in Plymouth, in the heart of the new industrial center in southeast Michigan.

The team specializes in optimal service in the application development, design and simulation, quality assurance, and validation of turbocharger components to our customers, while maintaining a strong focus on strategic growth opportunities in North America.

BMTS Technology Ramos Arizpe

Headquarters Mexico, Production 

With the 2019 opened manufacturing plant in Ramos Arizpe, in the Mexican state of Coahuila, BMTS Technology is responding to the growing demand for fuel-efficient turbocharging technologies in North America. The state-of-the-art production facility in the north of Mexico is specialize in the production of high-quality turbochargers with outstanding efficiency and is expected to employ around 500 people in the future.